Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lord Hakim - Brass Knucklez (Feat. Vast Aire & Phizz Ed)

Hypnotic rhythms, dusty samples, turntable techniques, & intelligent lyricism combine to form Born With A Determined Idea, the debut album from Columbus, OH emcee & producer Lord Hakim, featuring Vast Aire (Cannibal OX), Dom Pachino (Killarmy), Bronze Nazareth, Planet Asia, & Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian). An Emcee, Producer and Studio Engineer, Lord Hakim is a Columbus, Ohio native, is a Hip-Hop enthusiast to the fullest, but who like many of us, prefers his beats dirty and his lyricism enlightened. “My style of Hip Hop is grungy samples over boom bap percussion with razor sharp turntable techniques; now that’s Hip Hop! When it comes to emceeing, I’m a thinker; it’s all about vocabulary and being descriptive. The thing about Hip Hop is you actually get hear the novel within an orchestrated arrangement and it can set the mood for whatever chapter or track you’re on” Hakim states. After previously building with Planet Asia (“Scripturez”) and Lord Jamar (“Peace God”), Lord Hakim returns with the visual counterpart for his collaboration with Can Ox’s Vast Aire and Phizz Ed “Brass Knucklez.”

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